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Our Value Proposition for Cabin Owners/Partners & Prospective Partners:

What separates Mountain Escapes from other cabin management companies is our commitment to the cabin Owners or “Partners”. We refer to cabin owners as “Partners” because, as cabin owners ourselves, we understand that owners are the foundation of our business model and our future is predicated on the strength of the relationship with our Owner/Partners. We not only care about your cabin, but also seek to preserve the quality of your property and grow your return on investment year over year. Some value-added offerings that Mountain Escapes brings to the table include:
  • Initial Cabin Rental Consult: Designed to help get your cabin “rental ready”
  • Professional Photography: Production of high-resolution photos to showcase your investment to potential customers
  • Consumer Marketing Efforts: Designed to increase awareness including trial and repeat promotion of our cabins via search engines and other direct to consumer efforts
  • Business-to-Business Marketing Efforts: Creates partnerships with third party businesses to increase awareness of Mountain Escapes and your cabin specifically
  • Set Cleaning Crew: Ensures that, not only is your cabin kept spotless for you and your guests, but importantly, we know your cabin well and will maintain a vigilant and attentive eye when it comes to damages or theft. If or when an unlikely event occurs, immediate communication (including photos) is relayed to the management and in turn conveyed to the cabin owner.
  • Strict Security Deposit Collection: Ensures that if a mishap does occur, your interests are protected and you are compensated appropriately
  • Timely Payments of Rents Received: Rental payments received on your cabin are paid monthly and in a timely manner.
  • Accounting/Tax Record Compilation: Generate yearly cabin rental documents that breakdown expenses per individual cabin to provide you with easy tax preparation.
  • Provides Maintenance Assistance: Provides maintenance support with thoroughly vetted professionals in virtually every trade imaginable. These individuals have, in most cases, established a long standing work relationship with the management that dates back several years.
For more information on how to become a Mountain Escapes Partner, please contact us at 888.908.1161 to learn how we can work together.


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